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Horizontal Magnetic

The driving force is transmitted to the ceramic-mounted magnetic impeller by an encapsulated magnet on the drive shaft of the motor.

The main advantage of a magnetic drive is the completely closed pump housing. There is no seal between the motor and the pump body, resulting in a guaranteed leak-free housing and an excellent resistance to acids and bases.

Flow rate

From 700 to 43,000 l/h

delivery height

up to 22 m


Model Max flow rate Max delivery height
M7 700 l/h 4 m
M15 2,000 l/h 6 m
M25 3,000 l/h 7 m
M35 3,000 l/h 10 m
M50 5,000 l/h 10 m
M70 7,000 l/h 9.5 m
M100* 10,000 l/h 18 m
M140* 16,000 l/h 19 m
M200* 21,000 l/h 20 m
M250* 26,000 l/h 19 m
M290 31,500 l/h 21.5 m
M390 43,000 l/h 22 m

*Models available in high-density version.

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